Our innovative device enriches macronutriental content of human milk onsite
The problem we solve
During the first months of life, a lack of macro-and micronutrients in preterm infant's diet causes growth delay (1). Human milk is the best nutrition for any neonate but for preterm neonates it can not cover their special daily needs in extra protein content. Nowadays to solve this problem the proteins of non-human origin (cow's milk proteins) are added into human milk to increase its protein value. Such fortified milk allows the child to get the necessary amount of nutrients, but this practice also carries a potential risk of side effects due to the non-human origin of the proteins (2). Additionally it prevents to keep 100% human milk-based diet, which is recommended by WHO to any neonate during first six months of live (3). The only way to solve this problem is to add to the human milk the human-milk origin proteins. With our novel device we hope we can provide an innovative solution for this well-known problem.
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2. Melinda J. Elliott, Sergio G. Golombek; Evolution of Preterm Infant Nutrition from Breastfeeding to an Exclusive Human Milk Diet: A Review. Neoreviews August 2022; 23 (8): e558–e571.

What is Babylat?
Babylat is the first automated tabletop device for human milk protein enrichment. It is easy to use even without special medical training because all enrichment processes are automated and do not require additional laboratory equipment. After extraction, the enriched protein fraction is added to human milk to increase its protein value without cow milk products. Babylat is a unique solution to help to feed the preterm neonates by most efficient way with own's mother milk or donor milk cause it allows to prepare human milk-origin fortifiers onsite

Our Benefits
The enrichment process takes less than any known market-available solutions
No additives
Babylat device uses only human milk with no chemical additives. This feature minimizes the risk to the baby's health
Product variability
The ability to select a unique composition to meet the needs of each individual baby
On-site enrichment
Our device allows enrichment process to be performed at any interested hospital onsite
personalized nutrition
A unique option to use only mother's milk to create an enriched product
Low cost
Fewer steps in the production of fortified human milk significantly reduce production costs
Zero-km product
Novel fast protocol allows to keep the human milk -origin product be as natural as possible and has less negative impact to CO2 emission (zero-logistic)
Ethically non-biased
We do not commercialize human milk and its derivatives and the origin of the human milk is controlled by health providers
About Babylat

Babylat company was founded in 2020 in Bern, Switzerland and our activity is supported by several grants and awards, including Innosuisse, the leading national agency for innovation (Innosuisse grant number 100.060).
We are very grateful to all our supporters and sponsors. If you share our vision that any preterm neonate deserves 100% human milk-based diet and if you want to help us to further develop our solution to the market-ready product, please be in contact
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